The Curse of the General Sibling Combinator

Welcome, adventurer!

An evil General Sibling Combinator has locked you into his dreaded underground prison full of desperate beings and frontend developers. Getting away will not be easy! Several levels are awaiting, with a common goal: getting enough keys to advance further. Only the bravest and most patient might be able to survive.

Before we begin...

This is a game created for the 7DRL Challenge 2019. My initial plans were ambitious: I wanted to make a rotjs-powered, hex-based, procedurally-generated, cross-browser, zero-install game with a rich story and immersive gameplay. I had ideas. I had courage. I had coffee. Unfortunately, I ran out of time.

So I decided to create something completely different: a highly experimental web game that is built only using HTML and CSS. In particular, no JavaScript. Thus, an abomination was born. A game that is not really a game; a stupidly complex abuse of various technologies that Just Works™ and probably fits the required Roguelike genre.

What to expect

Due to the highly simplified nature of the game (CSS is not the best tool for game development), the product comes pre-rated so that 7DRL judges can focus on more pressing matters. The following list summarizes various characteristics of the game – please align your expectations accordingly.


If you are ready to encounter the evil minions in the realm of the General Sibling Combinator, please Start the game!