OAT Gallery

Welcome to a simple page dedicated to OAT Gallery, a personal web-photo-gallery solution. The gallery is an open-source product and is thus freely downloadable.

Live demo: see my personal OAT Gallery.
Screenshots of the Administration Interface: main settings, gallery edit, part edit, advanced settings.

See the administration manual for installation instructions and further information.

Comments? Questions? Mail me.

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13.12.2007 DOWNLOAD latest version - 1.5. Changelog highlights: fixed Gecko problem with blank images.

5.10.2007 Version 1.4.2 (bugfix release). Changelog highlights: only cosmetic fixes in this release.

20.7.2007 Version 1.4.1 (bugfix release). Changelog highlights: only cosmetic fixes in this release.

26.6.2007 Version 1.4. Changelog highlights: KML Feed, handling of corrupted EXIF data.

1.6.2007 Version 1.3. Changelog highlights: option to specify initial map position & zoom, updated administration interface.

21.5.2007 Version 1.2.2 (bugfix release). Changelog highlights: compatible with custom window.onload handlers, RSS labels localization.

17.5.2007 Version 1.2.1 (bugfix release). Changelog highlights: DokuWiki LANG colision solved, Recent RSS fix, option to disable map resizing.

16.5.2007 Version 1.2 released. Changelog highlights: better support for DokuWiki inclusion, two RSS feeds.

8.5.2007 Version 1.1 relased. Changelog highlights: Long image descriptions, mapping pins per gallery part.

?.4.2007 Version 1.0 released. This is the first version available, bugfixing is still in progress.