Wild West - Competitive JavaScript!

Game Info

Arena screenshot
Arena screenshot: the Sheriff won the match!

Hello and welcome to Wild West, a JavaScript-based competitive environment for simple fight simulations. Bots, simple JavaScript programs, fight against each other following simple yet amusing rules of a well-known child's game.
The main aim of this simulation is to see how well user-developed AIs perform agains other players. Basically everyone can create his own player, following simple guidelines.

If you are new to this site, you might be interested in game rules. The Wild West game is normally played by two (or more) players in real life; it is an amusing time-killing dissipation. Fortunately, the rules are so simple that it is pretty easy to create computer programs which follow them and play the game.
As a quick start, bot writing guidelines are provided.

The best part of the game is to see players in action. For this purpose, a testing Arena is ready: just select players and their teams to see how well different AIs fight.

This contraption was developed by Ondřej Žára, a JavaScript developer and hobbyist. If you like it, you might be interested in some of my other projects. All of them are reachable via my homepage.